Professional Regulation

Regulated professions such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists and architects are supervised by professional colleges in order to guarantee a high level of service to the public. When misconduct is alleged and discipline or removal from the profession is a possibility, these professionals may need legal advice and representation. Symes Street & Millard has extensive experience advising and representing these professionals with respect to complaints, discipline and registration issues.

The particular administrative processes used by each professional college can be confusing, and often the responding professional must provide a convincing legal argument in their defense that is outside their area of professional expertise. Symes Street & Millard has years of experience in representing professionals and can make this process easier and more understandable.

If you are a member of a regulated profession and you are facing a complaint, disciplinary charges, or any other issues relating to your registration and standing with your professional college, please contact Symes Street & Millard so that we can provide you with expert legal counsel.

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