Human Rights and Equality Law

Human rights and equality law is a specialized and evolving area of law. There are a number of forums in which human rights matters can be addressed, and a variety of remedies that can be sought.

Symes Street & Millard has considerable expertise and experience in human rights and equality law. Our lawyers have advised and represented clients on all manner of human rights and equality issues before human rights tribunals and before all levels of court in Ontario and federally, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Symes Street & Millard provides expert advice and advocacy relating to human rights and equality issues that may arise at work or in the community including harassment and discrimination based on age, sex, gender, disability, and other protected grounds.

If you have been affected by a potential human rights or equality issue, whether as a complainant or a respondent, please contact Symes Street & Millard so that we can assist you in understanding your rights and obligations and can advocate on your behalf in order to attain the best possible resolution of your case.

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